Newcomers to Lighthouse Bible Church may expect to be warmly greeted by people who are genuinely glad that they have chosen to visit us.

They may expect to find a local assembly of believers led by those who believe that the best way to preach and teach God’s Word is through verse-by-verse exposition.  They believe that it is only God’s Word, the Bible, when prayerfully and carefully preached and taught, that has the power to bring the lost to saving faith and spiritual maturity in Christ.

They may expect a worship service that is focused on the preaching and teaching of God’s Word from the opening prayer and Scripture reading to the closing prayer and benediction, and they may expect the music that is played and sung by the congregation to be an integral part of the worship service, not a supplement to it.

They may expect a congregation that is committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ both here in Lake Geneva and around the world.  LBC currently provides regular support for missionaries in Siberia, South Africa, and right here in Walworth County.  And, as we are able, we also support missions in Hungary, Texas, and Alaska.

If these are among the things you expect in a local church, come visit us.  We would be pleased to welcome you.


Lighthouse Bible Church meets at Badger High School in Lake Geneva. To get to the church on a Sunday morning, enter through these doors on Wells Street:

Badger High School